We came together to support the sustainable growth of venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), creating an Asia/global consulting firm originating in Japan while carrying out our vision of “contributing to the Japanese economy through managerial support and creation.”

Venture companies encourage industry renewal through unique innovation and operation, and aside from the obvious quantitative impact of SMEs which account 99% of total number of companies, 70% of employment, and a combined 55% of GDP in Japan, they also cultivate the techniques and production know-how which is the basis for the economic framework that supports Japan. However, these strengths are not without their challenges. Venture companies and SMEs are a group of companies at risk of facing an inability to achieve sustainable growth due to weak financial and administrative systems and corporate literacy.

Since our foundation in 1999, we have continuously expanded our consulting menu in the CFO domain (finance, business administration, IPO, M&A, PMI, restructuring, governance, and tax accounting) to solve the financial Achilles Heel (financial strategy and business management) with which venture companies and SMEs struggle. This history as pioneers of hands-on consulting has—over the long span of 19 years—become a history of the accumulation of the ultimate achievement record in practical execution through our strategy of permanent stationing our consultants on-site.

The consulting industry, while advising management staff, does not itself take part in management. This is the ongoing contradiction being faced in the industry. In order to solve this dilemma, we are involved with client companies in the medium to long term, residing on-site at the customer company’s place of business. And while at times we adjust our delivery to better fit the client company’s needs, as a matter of course we take responsibility for the solution strategies we suggest as we undertake their execution. We are therefore committed to completing projects decisively to the very end. Our original way of working (revolving), which involves moving back and forth between the realms of consulting and management, is a concept inevitably born from this thoroughly hands-on style, and not only is there no example of this approach in other companies, it can even be said that this engenders the need to revisit the definition of the term “consulting” itself.

While there are many talented personnel in Japan who demonstrate outstanding ability in the field, management talent that puts company-wide leadership into practice is lacking. That’s why at our company, not only as consultants—but through work that supports managers—we believe in developing CFO-caliber management talent that possess both leadership and financial literacy.

Knowledge of management theory is learned through consulting (supporting management), and through revolving (developing management) practical knowledge is acquired. I am proud of my belief that this culture and vision will lead to the trust of tomorrow’s customers. As innovators in the consulting industry, we will continue to evolve and progress in the future to come.


April, 2018 CEO Shintaro Suhara