Regional Vitalization Nobutoshi Kamata

Regional Vitalization Nobutoshi Kamata

After gaining experience in sales at a general enterprise company, he has engaged in business revitalization, management advisory, and financial accounting consulting at our company. In addition, he has two years’ experience working as a resident consultant at a financial institution, where he worked as a business revitalization expert. He has a background steeped in communication skills cultivated through sales experience, varied consulting experience including business revitalization, and knowledge of the financial industry gained through resident consulting at a financial institution. As a result, he has gained a strong reputation for consulting, especially in the field of business revitalization, that has led numerous losing clients to return to profitability and at the same time raising their credit rating assessment to “normalized.”


TOKAI Co., Ltd.

es Networks Co., Ltd.

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Professional Background

Toyo University, B.A. in Economy
Certified Small and Mediam Enterprise Management Consultant