Contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy by supporting and growing management.

This is the corporate vision of es Networks.


Our goal is to grow management personnel who have both leadership and financial literacy (CFO). We believe by doing this, SMEs that lack the CFO capability will keep up a sustainable growth and eventually the Japanese economy will benefit.

Therefore, we focus on improving our staffs’ abilities effectively in a very short term. In particular, the ability of accounting and taxing support, the skill of executing big projects, expertise on management and financial literacy which are needed for a CFO, and also negotiation/arranging/planning skills. And now, our dream is coming true. Some of our staffs who have grown strong by daily practice, are actually participating in management as a CFO in our group company, as well in our clients’ companies. And we believe that there will be more and more personnel like this in the coming days.

Therefore, people gathered under this corporate vision become a professional management group with great expertise, huge appetite, high motivation, and build a strong trusting relationship with our clients.

Corporate Information