RELIABLE SERVICE: On-site style consulting that our staffs will execute the solutions proposed by themselves. STRONG DETERMINATION: CFO function provided by our staffs with accounting/financial and management expertise.

Strengthen corporate structure with on-site support

Staff the client company with proper skills (knowhow /experience) to inject knowledge and knowhow directly. Together with clients, we execute the improvement plans across the company.  

Cover from strategy to logistics

It’s easy for consultants to draw a picture, but not easy to execute it. We es Networks aim to staff an ‘executive consultant’, who promises to execute the solutions proposed by ourselves, and support our clients to complete their resources. We provide not only the regular service such as regular visits or individual consultations, but also on-site service to companies which lack resources. As a result, our clients’ resources and corporate structure will strengthen.


Focusing on management

Form the sight of consulting to the sight of management

In es Networks, ‘Revolving Door’ means that our staffs transform between consultant and management, so that we can improve our skills as both consultant and management through daily tasks. We believe that the requirements of professional management are not depending on how long you have stayed in a company or industry, but on a combination of expertise, executive ability, observation ability and negotiation/arranging/planning ability. Therefore, we es Networks aim to nurture financial professionals whom can objectively catch the numbers on each part such as sales, development, manufacture and logistic, as well as management personal whom can actively participate in management decision-making to lead our clients towards a brighter future.  

Corporate Information