1999 Oct Established as an accounting consulting firm in Ginza ,Tokyo
2000 May Headquarters moved to Akasaka due to business expansion
2004 Jul For the purpose of organization of the tax department, established as a partnership tax corporation es Networks (Tax Corporation No. 767)
2007 Mar Established Flagship, Inc. for the purpose of investment business
Jul Established ES Payroll for the purpose of company split-up
2008 Feb Founded FLAGSHIP Vietnam Co., LTD (Currently ES NETWORKS VIETNAM Co., LTD)
Partnered with the largest domestic Audit company DTL in Vietnam and started overseas business consulting
For the purpose of establishing asset management services, acquired the shares of Universal Life Asset Management Co., Ltd. (currently, Inc. flagship AM) (Subsidiary)
Apr Company name changed to es Holdings and consulting services is spun off to become es Networks
Jun Established Labor and Social Security Attorney Corporation ES Payroll (Currently es Networks Labor Corporation) for the social insurance and labor insurance procedure business
Aug Vietnam Flagship Asset Management LLC Established
Partnered with Sakom bank Vietnam and started overseas investment business
Oct Established es Networks Singapore
2009 Jun Merged with local company in Ho chi Minh performing wedding and Cafe business to form `Wind and Water Join Stock Company`
2012 Nov Established es networks Hong Kong
2013 Jul Headquarters relocated to Marinouchi North Tower due to business expansion
2015 Feb Established Singapore Office (stock purchase from a third-party allocation + minority shareholders)
Established Asian expansion support Fund (AZ- STAR Co., LTD) with proposed funding of 20 billion yen
Apr Established regional core companies activating fund totalling 30 billion yen

Corporate Information