We are a consulting company focusing on Japanese SMEs. The Corporate Vision of us es Networks is to groom our management and to contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy.

There are many SMEs in Japan famous for possessing great technology, manufacture knowhow and envisage unique business visions. Even so, many of them suffer from low capability in finance or management, and cannot keep up a sustainable growth. Since 1999, we es Networks focus on providing financial strategy, corporate strategy, structuring management administration system for SMEs through various kinds of services including financial support, management and administration system construction, accounting and taxing, risk detection, IPO support, M&A support, corporate restructuring and assist in Asian expansion.

In the consulting industry, there is a dilemma that consultants just give advice to management, but are not actually involved in executing the business. To solve this dilemma, we es Networks provide medium/ long-term on-site support and execute the proposed solutions by ourselves. Our consultants take part in the clients’ management as CFO.

Using our unique approach in consulting and management, we have developed a strong relationship founded through trust with our clients. In Japan, there are many people talented in giving an excellent performance in ground level, but lacks management personnel performing a company-wide leadership. Considering this fact, we es Networks focus on growing management personnel who have both leadership and financial literacy, therefore, become a CFO. We believe by doing this, SMEs whom lack a CFO can keep up a sustainable growth, and the Japanese economy can grow

We es Networks want to act as a platform where we develop management for Japan’s future. People gathered under this corporate vision transform into this professional management group with great expertise, huge appetite and high motivation. Therefore, we are confident on gaining the support and trust from our clients.

August 2013

CEO Shintaro Suhara

Corporate Information