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Why there are no consultants who are willing to be a part of a client and solve issues together?

Shintaro Suhara

CEO & Representative director, Shintaro Suhara

I began my career at Deloitte Touche Thomatsu LLC, and I started es Networks with one of my senior colleagues at Deloitte in 1999. I was 28. My main responsibility at Deloitte was to support unlisted companies preparing for listing. Through my experience at Deloitte, I realized that there are much room for improvement and growth amongst unlisted companies. I also felt that many of these unlisted companies suffer from lack of human resources, and they are in need of consultants who can work as part of them and solve business issues together. In fact, a president of one of my clients at Deloitte once said to me: “It is no good if you just support my company as an outsider. I have no way to execute them if you simply give me a list of things to do before IPO (Initial Public Offering). We have no human resources for it. Are you willing to come to work for me and actually do these things for my company?” I was always hoping to set up my own business one day but this was not the only reason why I started es Networks. In 1999, 2 years after Yamaichi Securities went bankrupt, people in Japan began to feel aftereffects of the bursting of bubble economy. “I want to revitalize Japanese economy by removing thick dark clouds hanging over the future of Japanese economy” – I must admit that there was such an ambition and determination behind the birth of es Networks.

This leads to our corporate vision today: “Contributing to Japanese economy by ‘supporting’ and ‘generating’ business leaders”.

“Talented individuals grown through “Revolving Door” will change companies!

Normally consultants only do advising, planning and reviewing. But es Networks are specialized in providing ‘executional support’ for our clients: we become an integral part our clients, come up with solutions for business issues from our clients’ view point and carry out these solutions together within the clients. Our staff members are physically seconded to our clients to provide a variety of operational supports. Sometimes they even carry a name card under the client’s name.

Ultimate form of this kind of support is to send our staff member as CEO/CFO to our client. Our staff member acts as one of the top managements of that company, participating in business management activities utilizing their leadership skills, and returns to es Networks with successful outcomes. We call this “Revolving Door”. Originally this terminology refers to people going back and forth between business and political positions in the U.S. In es Networks, we use this word to refer to our staff members who are being sent to a client as a top management and then returning to our firm.

Our staff members are typically very quick to grow because from the early stage of their career, they are sent to clients to handle projects that relate to the core of our clients’ business management. One of our staff members even supported a client’s IPO preparation single-handedly in their second year with us.

We are accumulating skills and knowledge by executing projects for a wide variety of industries, business types and companies, working closely with their top management. As we always work from deep inside of our client business, we are able to ‘feel’ and understand the reality of our clients’ businesses and thus to provide highly effective consulting services for them.

Eying for Asian markets ? what we look for is “future business leaders”

One of my goals is to develop es Networks into a widely recognized consulting firm in Japan. In addition, I would also like to expand my business into global markets. As part of this initiative, I set up “es Networks Vietnam” in Ho Chi Minh City in 2008. We started to offer business support services for Japanese companies in Vietnam where average age of population is only late 20’s. We are also considering to expand into other Asian markets, including China.

We are looking for people who can build a trusting relationship with others. This is because amongst the many desirable features that consultants should possess, relation building skill is the one that is indispensable. Technical knowledge of accounting, finance and management will be obtained naturally through day-to-day work after joining a consulting firm. First of all, a consultant must be someone who can be trusted.

In addition, I would like you to join my firm if you hope to either “be a consultant who can take actions, or be involved in businesses as a financial professional, or become a professional business leader (CEO/CFO) in the future”. Our mission is to support and generate business leaders. If you have a clear goal of setting up your own business one day, you can be a strong consultant who can handle and survive hard times, however stressful it is.

In the future, Japanese population would unavoidably become smaller and Japanese economy go shrinking. Because of this, highly skilled human resources are essential for Japanese businesses to survive. We will continue to thrive in consulting services that can stand next to our clients to identify issues and execute solutions together.

Someone who can “drive decision making” for businesses

Our corporate vision is to “generate” business leaders. Under this vision, we aim to quickly equip our staff members with skills and knowledge necessary for CFO, not just technical skills for accounting or taxation. Our staff members will be given many important and responsible roles, regardless of their age or for how long they have been working for us. Their role in a project is not limited to what they have been assigned, but they can monitor and control overall projects as they see fit. It may not be an easy path to go through, but it will enable our staff members to develop their skills very quickly. We identify our client issues, evaluate them and make strategy to overcome those issues. By doing so, we naturally grow ourselves as a business leader. Career with us is where you can accelerate your development, both as a business professional and also as a human being. We believe that those who can appreciate clients’ needs and continue solving issues from a business leaders’ point of view are the most needed partners for developing market. We would like to be one of them. We are looking forward to welcoming you into our team; we can run paths for the future and achieve goals together.