Why hiring

We are currently recruiting people in order to expand and strengthen our business.
We are looking for individuals with consulting experience in areas such as finance / accounting / tax / IPO / M&A / restructuring / HR or business management, who can lead our business operation based on those experiences.

Each of us who works for ES Networks group strives to become someone who can create and manage their own workload, rather than simply remaining as a passive and quiet piece of the business. We achieve this goal by supporting our client’s business management from many different angles. Our vision is to re-distribute skills and knowledge that each individual acquires through working for our clients, so that we can support development of more and more companies.

General details of our vacancies

【Employment Type】



Negotiable (fixed sum per annum)
※Qualifications, experience, skills etc. will be taken into account when determining annual salary
※Salaries will be reviewed annually based on skills and performance

【Work location】

Head office (Tokyo), regional offices (Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka etc.)

【Working hours】

9:00 to 18:00 (lunch break 12:00 to 13:00)


Saturday and Sunday, public holidays, summer vacation, year-end and New Year vacation
※The second Saturdays in January to May will be treated as workdays


Social security payments, employee share ownership scheme, defined benefit pension

Vacancy 1: Accounting consultant


Having one or more of the following qualifications:
□ Japanese CPA / Assistant CPA
□ Those who passed at least one essay-style papers for Japanese CPA


【Job description】

・Providing hands-on support for clients, in terms of management and execution of business management functions (finance / accounting / planning etc.), including;

– Business management related services:
Establishing business management workflow, internal control, setting up of business management division, supporting corporate planning division

– Accounting services:
Tax services, labour laws, financial due diligence, valuation, assistance with disclosure of financial information, re-organisation, IFRS advisory etc.

– Restructuring services:
Preparation of business revitalisation plans, business risk assessment, preparation of loan repayment plans, execution of revitalisation plans etc.

– M&A related services
Buy-side / sell-side advisory, financing, TOB support, MBO support, preparation of business plans etc.

【Benefits of working with us】

We often choose to second our staff members to our clients in order to solve their business problems.
We also let you take control and responsibility of an engagement from the early stage of your career with us. You may need to work hard at it to fulfil your responsibilities, but in turn you will be able to quickly develop your skills as a consultant. Eventually, you will develop an ability to see things from top management’s view point which will help you effectively support business leaders or even become one yourself.

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Vacancy 2: Tax consultant


Having one or more of the following qualifications:
□ Japanese Certified Public Tax Accountant
□ Those who passed any of the papers for Certified Public Tax Accountant examination

【Job description】

・Providing general tax accountant services, ranging from assistance with financial reporting / book keeping to financial / management account planning and tax filing. You will be responsible for planning, executing and managing these tax related engagements. Examples of our tax engagements are as follows:

– support for financial reporting / book keeping
– preparation and submission of tax returns
– advisory services relating to inheritance tax / business succession planning
– tax due diligence
– valuation
– group tax related services

【Benefits of working with us】

You will be exposed to high value-added services such as M&A, group tax so that you can develop complex technical tax skills and expertise. We endeavour to share and formalise each individual’s technical knowledge, so that we can refine and standardise our services to clients. You will also have an opportunity to develop your people / talent management skills.

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Vacancy 3: HR consultant


Qualified Labour and Social Security Attorney (Shakai hoken roumu-shi)

【Job description】

・Providing general payroll related services, ranging from salary calculation to processing documents relating to social security and labour insurance and execution / management of year-end payroll adjustments. Examples of our payroll engagements are as follows:

– monthly salary calculations
– bonus calculations
– year-end adjustment
– labour law consulting
– preparation and submission of documents relating to social security and labour insurance

【Benefits of working with us】

We do not simply regard payroll engagements as business process outsourcing, but as active solutions to achieve cost efficiency and business competitiveness. We not only provide general payroll related services such as salary calculation and year-end adjustments, but we also proactively propose better HR system and performance review mechanism to our clients in order to motivate their employees, a key driver of their business. You will also have an opportunity to develop your people / talent management skills via internal team management experience.

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